What should Christians do if their child gets involved in Wicca?

By Matt Slick

If you are a Christian parent and your child is getting involved in Wicca, what should you do? Should you become authoritative and deny your child the practice of Wicca? Should you let him or her get involved and trust that the Lord will work it out? Or, should you research it and learn about it so you might know how to deal with it? These and other questions are common from Christian parents who find that their children are involved in Wicca. Here's what you should do.

First of all, you need to read the Bible and pray regularly. You need to realize that this is a spiritual battle and that there are demonic forces involved. You cannot expect to win a spiritual battle if you are not praying.

Second, for what should you pray? Pray for the binding of the enemy, for spiritual insight, for protection in your home, protection for your children, yourself, your finances, your automobiles, your health, etc. I do not say these things lightly.

Once I began researching Wicca in order to write and expose it on this website, within a two-week period several things happened. I had a nightmare so unpleasant that I woke up and immediately knew it was tied to Wicca.  I got a flat tire on the freeway, lost my medical insurance at work, was involved in a boating accident where I was injured (and am still recovering from it), have had two individuals attack me personally on the internet and published falsehoods about me, and my email program I use for sending out the CARM newsletter, which has worked for several years, suddenly and unexpectedly crashed. My point is this. When you start tackling the occult, get ready for a ride. The enemy does not like what you're doing so you need to be prayed up.  At this point, I recommend CPR.  Confess (your sins), Pray (for guidance), and Read (the Bible).  It will keep you spiritually alive.

Third, seek the prayer support of others and the involvement, if possible, of the elders of your church in prayer as well.  In addition, see if you can find friends and family who are mature in the Lord with whom you can discuss the issue and obtain further counsel.

Fourth, you must not beat yourself up over your child's involvement in the occult.  Every parent makes mistakes in raising children, and we can never predict accurately what results will come from our loving and guiding actions upon our children.  There is a dark influence in the world that seeks to ensnare anyone and everyone it can.  Don't go around thinking that you didn't do enough praying or go to church enough.  Just seek the Lord in prayer, confess any sins you may have committed in this area, forsake them, receive forgiveness from the Lord, and continue on.  Guilt can cloud your judgment and your prayer life.  Look to Jesus first.

Fifth, learn enough about Wicca (by reading CARM and other resources) so that you know what it is you're dealing with when you speak to your child about it.

Sixth, you need to realize that Wicca is not Satanism.  Wiccans do not practice human sacrifices, cursing, summoning demonic forces, etc.  Wiccans seek to find harmony in nature and try and use their influence for good.  Of course, that influence has a dark origin.

Seventh, don't scream and yell at your child for his or her involvement in Wicca.

Eight, speak to your child rationally, calmly, and intelligently about the choices he is making. Try to bring to his attention that there is no way for him to verify what he is trying to contact and work with is ultimately good or bad.  Just because something works, it doesn't mean it is from God. If you are angry with your child and try and force him to comply with everything that you desire, it may backfire on you.  Resistance often results in rebellion and involvement in something ungodly.  This is why wisdom must be used when dealing with someone who is getting involved in or has been involved in Wicca.

Ninth, ask lots of questions.  You will find that the more questions you ask, the more you will earn the right to speak.  Also, you'll discover problems in those answers because those answers will not be rationally consistent.  At this point, you can carefully begin to point out various problems that you discover within Wicca.

Tenth, deal with the occult paraphernalia. This is where it gets more difficult. If you were to suddenly confiscate everything this may or may not work. Only you will know whether or not that is the right thing to do. In my household, if my child who was still in her early teens, got involved with something like this, I would first speak to her clearly and rationally about what Wicca is, the dangers that are inherent in it, etc. I would ask her to tell me how she knew that the source of what she is trying to contact is good or bad. I would then tell her that as a father who is seeking to be godly, I cannot permit her involvement in my home with something which is ungodly and unholy to begin with. I would say that she may not believe what I just said was true, but because I am the father in the head of the household, since I love her and want what is best for her, and since I pay the mortgage, I have the right in the home to remove from it that which I believe is harmful.

I would say all these things in a calm and loving tone while I am asking my daughter for feedback. I would further state that if, just if, what she was doing was indeed contacting something that was harmful, then she would be inadvertently putting her family at spiritual risk.

Now, the children-parent dynamic is different in every household, and it is always difficult to know exactly what is the right thing to do and say. But you need to have a plan of action, and you need to stick with that action.

Eleventh, don't shove Christian theology down their throats. It is not the adamant proclamation of doctrinal purity from a Christian perspective that is guaranteed to win Wiccans to the Lord. Preaching incessantly about the devil, the occult, damnation, and "you should know better," is not as effective as a decent, calm, and rational approach presented in love.

Twelfth, trust God. Trust the Lord Jesus beyond your ability to comprehend. Lift your child to him in prayer and supplication and ask that He redeem your child, break the bonds of darkness, and bring him into relationship with Christ.





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.