Why did God make me gay?

God didn't make anyone gay.  He did not, by His direct creative effort, make them the way they are and then condemn them for how he made them. That is not the biblical position. God did not make anyone gay, or a lesbian, or a liar, or a hypocrite only to send them to hell for what they couldn't help being.  All these things are sinful according to Scripture and are the result of sin in the world. They are wrong.  But, they are the result of sin in the world, not God's making them sinful.  Please understand that when I say all these things are sinful, I don't say this with hate, malice, or condemnation in my heart. It is simply the biblical position that I'm repeating. But it does not mean I want to injure, hurt, or insult anyone who is caught up in any of these things. With each and every person I encounter who is bound by some form of sin, I try to be compassionate and patient. When they say they are born gay, I try and point them to Jesus.

Born Gay

So then, why is someone "born gay"? Well, first of all, I don't believe that anyone is born that way. There have been studies on identical twins where one becomes gay, and another one does not. So, I'm not convinced that it's a genetic thing. But even if it were, such a condition is not directly the word of God's hand. It is the effect of sin.

Sin is breaking the law of God (1 John 3:4). Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden had an effect on the world. That is why we have famine, plagues, sickness, storms, etc. So, sin is not only a legal issue (breaking the law). It also has consequences upon the world that was represented by Adam. So, we would say that the outworking of the effect of sin in the world manifests itself in the following ways:

  • birth defects
  • death
  • faulty reasoning
  • belief in false gods
  • lying
  • adultery
  • homosexuality
  • murder
  • etc

Now, I've had this discussion with other people before, and many resent the idea of homosexuality being listed among so many other negative things. So let me say that this is not an issue of guilt by association. The Bible lists various things as sins and being gay is one of them. Biblically speaking, a person is affected by the sin in the world as well as the sin of his or her parents. Think about it. If a mother abuses drugs during her pregnancy, the child can be affected negatively. Though the child hasn't done anything wrong, he or she can suffer the consequences of someone else's sinful actions. Unfortunately, that's how things work.

An appeal to those who identify as gay, homosexual, transgender, etc.

If we were to meet and talk, you would find that I'd be pleasant. I don't go around yelling and screaming and condemning people who are of the same sex persuasion. I'm not offended or challenged by those who are "oriented differently." I'm only informing you of the theological basis for it being sinful. And, I'm trying to make the case that God did not make you this way and then blame you for your condition. Instead, all people are responsible for their own actions and decisions. But, just because someone says they're born gay, doesn't mean it's okay. People are born with a tendency to lie. It does not mean it's okay.

So, God did not make someone gay. Instead, it is the result of sin in the world, and we are not excused for our sins simply because that is our natural inclination.







About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.