Writers, Researchers and CARM Helpers

  1. Allee, Jacob (Article Contributor)
  2. Bigalke, Ron (Article Contributor)
  3. Brito, David (Portuguese)
  4. Butler, Jeremy (Article Contributor)
  5. Carmichael, Alex (Past writer)
  6. Comfort, Ray (Article Contributor)
  7. Kimball, David (Email Responder at carm.org)
  8. Halsted, Matt (Article Contributor)
  9. Huston, Brad (Article Contributor)
  10. Jockers, Ryan (Helps with technical support issues)
  11. Park, John (Past email helper)
  12. Paulson, Matt (Article Contributor and Past email helper)
  13. Poston, Shelley (Article Contributor)
  14. Rodger, Daniel (Article Contributor)
  15. Schumacher, Rob (Article Contributor)
  16. Slick, Annick (Office Manager)
  17. Slick, Matt (English CARM)
  18. Spratlin, Daniel - Retraction of articles on CARM written by Daniel Spratlin
  19. Spaulding, Mike (Article Contributor)
  20. Spine, Charlie (Email Responder at carm.org)
  21. Turner, Ryan (Occasional Writer)
  22. Wayne, Luke (Full time writer and researcher at CARM, MA in theological studies (MATS) and MDiv. Both are from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.)