YouTubers tell kid to kill himself for his view on homosexuality

by Matt Slick

Isn't it interesting how the politically correct in America proudly wave the banner of tolerance, yet hypocritically show extreme intolerance and hatred to anyone who contradicts their politically correct view?  Such is the case with the 12-year-old YouTube boy who expressed his belief that gay marriage is wrong.  If you want to view the two minute, 11-second video that has as of 4/13/09 received 222,777 views, go to (the link is no longer available).

The young boy asks if gay marriage is right, and then said it is wrong.  He said God invented male and female to get married and have children, and if you have a gay marriage then "that is kinda wrong."  He specifically said gays and lesbians were not bad people, but he did urge them to get married.  (He also informs us that he is very interested in girls). 

Alright, so he freely expressed his opinion and his video has received mostly negative ratings and over 17,000 comments.  How tolerant the liberals are.  How kind and gentle they are.  Not!

Well, I for one stand in agreement with this young man and publicly say that gay and lesbian marriage is wrong.  I don't advocate harming gays and lesbians and would oppose anyone who would urge it.  I base by my love for my fellow man (and woman) and the condemnation of sinful behaviors on the Word of God, the Bible.  Whether or not anyone likes it is immaterial, but I am entitled to my opinion and I stand upon the Scriptures.  Likewise, this young boy is also entitled to his opinion and should not be urged to kill himself for expressing his views.  Unfortunately, there are so many people in America who express instant condemnation, hatred, and bigotry for anyone who does not uphold a politically correct position.  It makes me wonder how safe we are in America if this kind of attitude increases.


Zahn, Drew. "YouTube community tells kid to kill himself." WorldNetDaily. 11 April 2009. Accessed 20 Sep. 2011.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.