Atheism and Morality, Second Debate

This is another debate with an atheism on morality.  It is reproduced from the CARM discussion boards from September of 2004.  The debate was between myself (Matt Slick) and ChadE, an atheist.

This debate is lengthy, and in my opinion becomes repetitive towards the end.  It is up to the reader to decide who won, if anyone.  Of course, I think I made my case and established that the "atheistic system" of morality is weak and inconsistent.  I suspect the atheist assumes he has defended his position well.

I did not respond to the final post from the atheist because I lost interest--not because I couldn't address his points.  The debate became very time consuming and was, as I said, becoming repetitive--which you will see if you read the entire thing.

I took the debates directly from the posts, placed them here, and tried to keep them in order.  Nothing has been edited.

The end of the debate has comments from other posters.  Some of them are rather demeaning.  Also, this debate is what prompted the atheists to become quite upset with me.  I used their rule-violations in the debate as an example of atheist morality in real-time.  Many of them did not like that, and some have since displayed an obsession with CARM and myself and regularly insult me from atheist discussion boards.

Oh well . . .

Note: the ">" signifies an earlier post from me, Matt Slick, to which Chad was replying.




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.