The word elder is used different ways in the Bible.  It is generally considered to be an elder man who is a leader in the church.  But it is also used . . .

  • of the elder of two persons (Luke 15:25, or more, John 8:9).
  • of a person advanced in age (Acts 2:17; in Heb. 11:2).
  • of the forefathers in Israel (Matt. 15:2; Mark 7:3, 5).
  • of members of the Sanhedrin (Matt. 16:21; 26:47). 
  • of those who helped Moses (Num. 11:16; Deut. 27:1)

In the Church, the elder is a spiritual leader who cannot be a woman (Titus 1:5-7).  He must shepherd the flock (1 Pet. 5:2), pray for the sick (James 5:14), teach (1 Tim. 5:17), etc.




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.