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  • just got back from my first vacation in 7 years. Yes, that is how hard I work -- besides it costs $$ and we have to save up for a while. Anyway, my wife and I were out of the country for a bit with some friends and we had a very relaxing time. I feel refreshed and since I'm back in the office, I now realize how important it is to take vacations. I need to take more!
  • Please note that Ryan and I should be releasing the new CARM look/style this week or next week. It should help us do more in the future with less effort.
  • Drupal: Do you know Drupal? If you want to help, let us know.
  • We are developing a Spanish version of CARM, headquartered in Columbia, which Ryan mentions below. That'll take another couple of months to get going.
  • We are in the early stages of talking with translators about converting CARM into Chinese, French, and Portuguese. It is a long process but we're working on it. Please pray that we can get each site going smoothly, with people in different countries who would head up CARM headquarters.
  • In Mexico, during my vacation last week, I visited a Catholic Church. A woman was crawling on her knees down the center isle towards a statue of Mary. My heart ached for her. I told her in Spanish that crawling like this would not help her achieve salvation and that she needed Jesus only, by faith. She said thank you and kept crawling.
    Outside the church were some nuns. They were at a table, selling souvenirs of Mary statues, rosary beads, etc. I had the urge to turn the tables over, but didn't. Anyway, I spoke with the nuns about Mary, sin, salvation, and the Bible. They told me that Mary was sinless (to which I responded with Luke 1:47 where Mary needs a savior), that the Bible isn't all we need (I said since it is inspired and God's word they should read it and believe it), and that I had no right to say Catholicism wasn't biblical. In the last case I asked the nun to study Romans 3, 4, and 5 regularly for a year and that if she did, she'd begin to ask questions about why the Catholic church does what it does.
    I don't know if it did any good, but I'll witness whenever and wherever I can. To God be the glory through Jesus alone, by faith alone!

NRBN from
The National Religious Broadcasting Network has offered to put up CARM produced videos on their Direct TV station on a weekly basis - for free. We are in the process of releasing the CARM site in a new format (hopefully released this week) and will then work on developing video work (for a local TV station as well) for NRBN. It is a great opportunity.

I just found out that NRBN is having its yearly conference in Nashville, TN. I'd like to go in order to make connections, meet some people who are developing advertising work for CARM, and contact radio stations and networks for expansion of the CARM ministry. Therefore, I'm looking for sponsors so that I can attend the conference for the weekend of Feb. 7th, next month. The cost of registration is $250. Plane fare is about $250 (as of today). Car rental is about $150. Hotel for two nights would be about $200. So, the total would be $850 to attend. If I can get sponsors, I'll go. If not, I won't.

If you'd like to sponsor me going out to the conference, I would need to know asap so I can get the plan, car, and hotel reservations set up. Donations can be made at http://school.carm.org/amember/signup.php. If you support this project, PLEASE EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW. That way I can keep track of the totals. If we do not get enough we can return the money to you.

Book Cover I've finished the book The Garden and need a cover. CARM is self publishing it for now via Lulu.com (just to have it available in about a week for those who want it). I'll be sending it to publishers this year. So I need to find an agent, learn how to submit manuscripts, etc. In the meantime, I'm looking for a front cover for the book something with trees and/or a demon and/or an angel (I know it's a bit vague). Here's the back cover paragraph.

"While in his garden Mark, an unbeliever who is grieving over the unexplained death of his son, is manipulated by a demon and almost commits suicide. Sotare, an angel, rescues Mark at the last moment and is permitted to appear to him and dialogue with him on the purpose of life, God, the nature of evil, and God’s sovereignty. The demons are watching and they want Mark dead. Under Sotare’s guidance, Mark is given visions of the demonic realm and ancient spiritual history. The battle over Mark unfolds in both the spiritual and physical worlds and the reader sees the demons and angels war over his soul."

Anyone good with graphics programs? We could use some help.

Ryan Turner

These past few weeks have certainly been eventful with Matt's absence. I have learned quite a bit by having to fill in for him on the radio show these past few days. I spoke on a number of topics including "The Transmission of the Old Testament and the New Testament" and "How to Choose a Good Bible Translation." Please see the podcasts to listen to the various past shows: http://feeds.feedburner.com/carmorgpodcasting.

I want to thank all of you out there who responded with great comments and offers of assistance as a result of CARM's Spanish ministry opportunity. We deeply appreciate your offers of assistance and will be contacting more of you as time passes.

Interestingly, I received an email from a gentlemen named David from Quebec, Ontario. He actually is attending the same seminary that I graduated from. Anyhow, he has the desire to get portions of CARM translated into French and possibly work out a French branch of CARM in Canada. We are still in the design phases of this and we do not have anything definite set out yet, but if you are fluent in French and would be interested in helping us get portions of the CARM website translated into French, please let us know.

Debate Videos
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Head in
the Sand
prairie dogWhat the Heck?

This feature is not so we can make fun of anyone. This is serious stuff. It is to show what kind of thinking is out there. We regularly get stuff like this. Pray for this ministry.

Since CARM is so biblically correct and understands a lot better than Shepherd's Chapel, I was wondering since I’m not that good off financially if you could donate a little contribution to my needs. As the Bible states it’s better to give than receive and I’m needing receiving right now since I have been giving a lot over the past years.

Please send to: T. *****
PO Box *****
*******, GA *****

Any amount will greatly be appreciated.

CARM Needs
  • Staff: How would you like to work in the ministry where the rewards are small, the challenges are huge, you get ridiculed, there's spiritual attack, sometimes you don't know if you are going to make it financially, you have to support yourself, and you have to research and write about false systems and compare them with Scripture?
    If that sounds appealing, then maybe you might be interested in working with CARM.
    You can be male or female. You have to agree to the CARM statement of faith, and I prefer (though it is not necessary) people who are educated and/or experienced in their field of expertise. But I must reiterate; this is not an easy ministry. It is time-consuming, often unrewarding, frustrating, etc. But, there are rewards. You get to know that what you produce will affect thousands of people for years to come. This ministry is a challenge and it is not for the fainthearted. Interested? If so, contact Matt at carmstuff@yahoo.com.
  • PowerPoint: People to convert various CARM articles into PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Proofreaders: With the new format (soon to be released) we can give proofreaders the ability to edit the site live. Are you great at grammar and punctuation and want to help? Let us know. We would have to interview you.

Love and Hate Mailgraphic

  • Hate Mail
    • You are such an **********!!
  • Love Mail
    • Dear Matt, I am writing because I just want to say thank you! I received Christ through your ministry more than 5 years ago and I am still serving the Lord in China! In addition, I took my wife to church and she accepted Christ as well! Now we have a little baby girl, 9 months old, and we plan to raise her to know the Lord. Because I received the Lord as my savior, I and my wife have been able to help others as well here in China. I hope you know how much fruit all your labors are bringing. Keep it up! Sincerely, Kendall
    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! At this moment, my daughter and I are compiling information from your web site to share with my husband and two sons. We have just discovered the fraud of Mormonism in the last couple of days. It has been an unbelievable journey! We have not slept for three days. We are researching constantly. Here we had
      felt we were in the only true church---now we know that it is Satan who heads this church. It is so heady! My family refuses to open their minds and think for themselves. We have been in a cult---now we must get our family members out. My son is currently serving a mission for the LDS church. Our deepest appreciation to you. It is so hard to escape this deceitful trap. All the information has been so very helpful. With much much love, K
    • I appreciate finding your site. I used to watch Shepherd's Chapel years ago. I started doubting his doctrine and just blew it off. Now there is a channel on my Direct TV with all Shepherd's Chapel. My faith has increased over the years by investigating certain religious doctrines and most of the time it's the exact opposite. My sister became a Jehovah's Witness about 7 years ago and from all the pamphlets she dropped off I have really deepened my relationship with Jesus by looking up all their false doctrines...Kingdom of The Cults and of course the Bible were very good references. I pray my sister will open here mind to the truth. When I feel she is ready for harvest I will show her your site. May God bless you, Ray
  Matt Slick
CARM President

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