Paltalk Debate


----------------- Debates -----------------

  • Who:  TBD
  • Topic:  TBD
  • When: TBD
  • Room:  TBD
  • Duration: TBD
  • Format:  Possible format, open to modification.
    • Affirmative begins with X minute opening.  Response from counter with X minutes
    • 5 minute back and forth four turns each
      • one person asks a question.  Responder gets 2 minute response.  Asker gets 1 minute response.  Then next question.  Back and for four times.
    • 5 minute cross talk - can say whatever we want to during those 2 minutes.
    • 10 minute closing


Formal Debate - I'm challenged to debates by various people at different times on Paltalk.  So, here is a "basic" idea of what I will accept for a formal type debate.

  1. Agreed upon topic
  2. Agreed upon time durations, for example...but not limited to...
    1. Five minute open each side
    2. Three minute response, each side
    3. Q & A period of asking 3 questions each with 2 minute response and 1 minute counter response, alternating sides.
    4. Five minute close.
  3. Politeness
  4. Address the topic, not the person

Personally, if I am "debating" with someone in a room and I am red dotted (silenced) during a response, then I will leave the room immediately.

Informal Debate

  1. Basic politeness
  2. Address the issue, not the person
  3. No insults
  4. No redotting




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