Reformed Theology

Reformed Theology is the theology of the protestant movement that "reformed" the theological perspective held by the Roman Catholic Church. This movement began in the sixteenth Century with Martin Luther and has continued on since then. It has since come to be known as Calvinism and is a biblically centered theological perspective focusing on the sovereignty of Scripture, the sovereignty of God, His election, redemption, and our securing in Christ's work. Reformed theology holds to the Five Solas:

  1. Sola Scriptura--Scripture alone
  2. Sola Christus--Christ alone
  3. Sola Gratia--Grace alone
  4. Sola Fide--Faith alone
  5. Soli Deo Gloria--the Glory of God alone

It is also known by the Five Points

  1. Total Depravity
  2. Unconditional Election
  3. Limited Atonement
  4. Irresistible Grace
  5. Perseverance of the Saints

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.