Family Teaching Course

  • Intro
    • This is where information for this course along with links will be stored.
    • This page is not linked to the CARM website and can only be found by saving this location.
    • If you are interested in participating, then please enter your email address below.
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    • We'll email you notifications periodically asking you to come here and download files for further testing.
    • You'll need Microsoft Word to view the files you download.
  • Course Work
    • The material is aimed at any age group. The parents adjust the material accordingly.
    • You can do one page or more at a time. It doesn't matter. The parents decide how much to do since lessons will differ.
  • Purpose of Course
    • The goal of the course is to have a notebook with one to two hundred pages of lessons. Each lesson builds upon others so that at the end of the course, the kids have been exposed to biblical theology, history, logic, apologetics, etc. It will be designed to be repeatable at different levels.
    • Statistically 75% of kids raised in a Christian home and go to a Christian church lose their faith within 2 years of attending a secular college. This is an attempt to stop that.
  • Feedback
    • We want feedback. Please tell us what is good and bad about the course including layout, graphics, and content.
    • Print up the pages and use them after dinner (or whenever you want). Read the text, ask the quesitons, adapt them to age appropriate ness, write notes on the pages if you find that useful.
    • Remember, we are very open to whatever suggestions you have.
    • We won't be able to do them all, but we want to make this course much better.
    • You can send feedback to with the subject title of "Family Teaching Course".
  • Downloads
    • Topics To Be Covered.doc
      • 3/30/09, released first draft
    • 01_Creation.doc -
      • 3/30/09 released first draft
      • 4/10/09, Changed title, fixed a few things, added "More Information" page which will be needed to explain more complex topics later.
      • 4/22/90, updated - added comments about evolution on Day Five.


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