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Welcome to the March 29, 2006 Newsletter

Radio Discussions

The radio show is going very well and I have had several guests on the air -- with more to come.  On Monday the 27th of March, I had on the air an atheist who was supposed to call in via the phone. Shortly before our discussion he invited Dr. Price from the Jesus Seminar to join him in the discussion with me. If you don't know, the Jesus Seminar is an extremely liberal group of "scholars" who work hard to undermine the truth of Christianity. Our interaction on the radio was very interesting and I plan to have these two gentlemen on the show again this coming Monday, April 3rd. If you are interested in listening in, all you need to do is go to at 6 p.m. Mountain Time.  The show is streamed live over the Internet. Click on the AM radio station icon on the left of their homepage and it will start streaming so you can listen.

On Tuesday, the 28th, I had in the studio a professor of New Testament Greek from the local Bible College. He is a Church of Christ member and believes that baptism is required for salvation. Our discussion was lively and multifaceted. We will probably do this again in about a month and discuss not only the issue of baptism and salvation, but also the nature of man. I found out after the show that he is Pelagian. This means that he denies original sin, denies that we are by nature sinners, and maintains that unbelievers are perfectly capable of choosing or rejecting God without any intervention of God's grace whatsoever. Pelagianism has been condemned in church history as a heresy.


  • Love mail:
    • Carm is an extremely valuable resource that I turn to often to answer questions. I also have introduced many others as well. The newsletter helps to navigate me to new features that I may miss, Rob
    • I know you get a lot of emails, so I'll keep it rather short. Thank you, thank you, thank you-- for taking the time and effort to create CARM! It is really helpful when I am searching for answers about the differences between Christianity and other religions/cults. It saddens me that many people are blind to the truth and have followed after false gods and false ideas. Sometimes I feel so alone in my Christian walk, being a Christian teenager in a high school full of secularity. It seems that the students at my school say they are Christians, but contradict their faith and don't stand up to things that contradict Christianity. I want to make a difference in the world-- somehow-- and CARM has helped me find things I'm unsure about. I'm praying for you and your wife.  Julia
    • I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website!!! I don't remember exactly where I read it but on one of the pages of your site  suggested keeping a Bible diary.  What a great idea!! I have started this today and I wish I did this years ago.  This is a wonderful way to study the Bible and let the Lord show me what I need to work on. Thank you again for your website!!! God Bless you, Bonnie
    • Hello, My husband and I feel most Christian books, ministries and websites are watered down and we live in a world where we are to "accept and not judge". You are not judging others,  its the Word of God that does-- you just happen to be quoting it. Doing a GREAT job at it I might add. This ministry was much needed and your growth on your site is exciting and I thank God for your willingness to obey Him. When you said you homeschool your kids I thought there you go real fruit and not surprising to me. Praying for you. We are going to West Africa to minister to Muslims and excited with your Islam items on the site for us to use as resources. Thank you, Latisha
  • Hate mail:
    • I personally think you are just a stupid fool who tries to prove something and not making a great job out of it...first of all......none of jehovahs witnesses ever said jesus is god...the watch tower does not guide the understanding of the witnesses but it explains the bible better because not many people can understand the bible....and i think you should attack other religions like muslims..who for example make no sence what so that is THE false religion....think before you try to judge people.  Brandon
    • You have succumbed to the lowest weakness common to man, Matthew. It is his love of 'rules' that allows him to lord it over others. Added to which, you are Nabal, because no man (much less a woman!) can reason with you.  Yes, you have the disease of the Pharisees!  But! You have my prayers....and my trust in a faithful God Who will not give you peace anymore until you find a large place in Him. So far, you stand rank and file with the Pharisees, who ....loved their rules also. Sharon
      • [from Matt] "Nabal" means "fool" in Hebrew.  This woman didn't like it that I said women are not to be pastors.

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