CARM Newsletter 04-05-08

   A worldview is a set of assumptions and beliefs that a person has which he uses to understand himself, others, society, reality, etc. An atheistic worldview would deny God's existence and therefore deny that we are made in God's image and deny that there are moral absolutes.  An Islamic worldview would include the idea that women can be mortgaged and beaten.  A materialist worldview would say that all things in the universe can be understood according to physical laws and only those laws.

On the other hand, God has given us his word so that we might properly comprehend the world, ourselves, morality, how we got here, where we're going, etc.  Our worldview is shaped by the revelation of Scripture and because it is, we have a proper understanding of our existence, morality, and the universe.  The better you understand and believe Christianity, the better your worldview will be.  This means that you will have an understanding of what God wants of you, how to operate in the world, and how to interpret reality.

Now, no one is without a worldview.  No one is without a set of beliefs that govern their thinking and behavior.  Whether it's atheistic, Islamic, Buddhist, new age, evolutionary, or Christian, you have a set of assumptions, a set of beliefs that form the basis of who and what you think and now.  It follows, that the more you are influenced by the secular, the more your worldview will become corrupted.  Therefore, study the Word of God and believe what it says.  Let your mind and the beliefs be shaped by its truth so you may best honor God.   I will be in Pensacola Florida on April 17th, to participate in a debate with an atheist.  The topic is "Does God exist?"  Please pray for me that I will represent the Lord properly and bring glory to his name.Debate Location:  11000 University Pkwy (Conference Center bldg 22, so park in Lot 22). Pensacola, FL 32514,  (850) 474-2000Debate Date and Time:  Thursday, April, 17, 2008.  7pm - 9:30 pmCost:  freeThere is a problem.  I don't want to get into the particulars, but the university where this debate was to be held has not followed through with its financial support as expected by the person who arranged this debate.  Therefore, because the atheist opponent has already promoted this event through the national atheist organization and, apparently, many atheists have already purchased airline tickets to attend, the debate must go on.  So, I've really got no other option but to have CARM pick up the tab for my air travel ($576), car rental ($150), hotel costs ($200), and providing a security guard for the event ($160); approximately, $1100 total.  This is something that CARM had not planned on doing and it is leaving us financially strained. 

Also, because of this "problem" there isn't anyone to video tape the event since the money isn't there.  I found out today (April 5th) that someone I had hoped would do the video as a backup option, just found out he is being pulled to another, mandatory video shoot.  So, he's out and we have no one to record the video.  We're stuck.  It costs several hundred dollars to hire a videographer and we just don't have it.

So, if any of you would care to help cover the costs, I would greatly it.  You could go to and the "General Support for CARM" box to help out.  Please let us know it is for this debate.  Thanks.                   Love and Hate Mail
Hate Mail Wow! Did you really give the book by Mary Baker Eddy a chance or did you read with intent to condemn.  I have read her book and many others.  It is hard for the normal man to accept the facts that she writes about, but you have no evidence to contradict your biased statement against her.  I have met and known many Christian Scientist and they are the kindest people I know.   I have even tried using Christian Science to heal myself and it has worked at times in my life when I focused on its words.  I do not begin to question this religion, but I do question why you find it important to put it down....Maybe you need to be put under a microscope and lets see how honest you are.  Because unless you sat down at a table with Jesus yourself and he told you that you should condemn people and their religions then you are just a person who needs to condemn to feel better about your self.Your duplicity is laughable.obviously you had a burned out brain at 17 years old, obviously you did not study with Jehovah's Witnesses, if you did, you are now over 100 years old with no memory left.  You really need to get your mind back and study with the Witnesses.Love MailI I just wanted to thank you for your site, It's great ! and very helpful, keep up the good work.Thanks for your ministry.  I often find myself running to CARM when I am preparing for preaching, counseling clients or working with high school students in our computer lab at the Christian School where I teach.  Your material is quite impressive.  Keep up your insightful work.Matt: I just downloaded my MOAN doc. Thank you very much for a well written treatment of Christian Doctrine. I have read a few pages and looked through the volume and I am very impressed with the material and its clarity. It is great to have something at your fingertips that can help you recall facts, references, and figures when you need it most.Thanks for walking in obedience to Christ and developing this site. I am so glad to have come across it tonight!  


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