CARM Newsletter 04-20-05

Welcome to the April 20th newsletter.

First of all, I apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter out.  I have been very busy.

Second, I want to thank all of you who have signed up in support of this apologetic Ministry. Your donations for this newsletter are helping to keep CARM running as well as help me feed my family. You see, my hours at work have been cut back to 20 per week -- and this is after a $10 per hour cut in pay since August. My situation at work is rather tenuous and I never know if I'm going to have a job from one week to the next. But by God's grace, CARM has provided the necessary means for us to pay our bills. As the president of CARM I'm allowed to draw a salary from this Ministry and it has helped us immensely.  Things are tight, but we are making it so far.  Nevertheless, the goal is to do this full-time and we are definitely moving in the right direction. So again, thank you for your support.

Some of you may already have received a donation request letter that I have been sending out. My plan is to try and go full-time on July 1 of this year. I do not know if it will be possible but that is the goal. Many people have responded with one-time donations (some monthly) and I'm very appreciative of their help. In addition, they will be placed on a newsletter that I will be producing and mailing out via the regular post office. The goal is to give people something in their hands so that they can place the newsletters into notebooks. These new newsletters will be more apologetics oriented. This e-mail newsletter is more informative about my situation, life, etc., with a devotional. As I seek to do the will of the Lord with this Ministry, I hope that you will be patient with me as I seek to learn and experiment with a different means of communication with the Body of Christ.

One of the things I have been entertaining doing is converting this newsletter over to the snail mail (post office delivered) version. You can let me know what you think at


Overcome evil with Good

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good," (Rom. 12:21).

The one who has overcome evil is Jesus Christ. Through his sacrifice on the cross, he conquered death and paid for our sins so that we will not fear the wrath of God on the Day of Judgment. Instead of dread on that day there will be joy and peace for us.  Because we are the ones who have our sins forgiven in Christ, we are the ones who have ultimately overcome evil. It is not that we overcame evil through our own effort. Rather, we have overcome evil because we belong to Christ and it is he who overcame evil. So on one hand, we have already overcome evil. Yet, on the other hand, we must deal with the evil that is around us and in us.

If you go to the news stations and whether it be TV, radio, or print, it does not take very long to discover that evil is alive in this world. All sorts of laws and law enforcement procedures are enacted to contain various forms of evil whether it be murder, theft, kidnapping, or terrorism. We are familiar with the reality of evil in the world. How can we not be.  It is pervasive and strong.  Yet, God's word says to overcome evil with good. Note that he does not say overcome evil with evil. He says to overcome it with good.   All right, then let's ask what is good?

That which is good is that which conforms to the will of God. God has revealed his will in the Bible. Therefore, we know that it is a good to establish laws to restrain the behavior of those who would do evil to others. We know that it is good to have a law enforcement system because through them, these good laws are enforced. Therefore, we can see in society that there is much good that is done through the laws of the land.  We appreciate this and value it.  But, what amount overcoming evil in your own heart?

We Christians know that though we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, that our sins are forgiven, and that we are secure in him, there is still evil that lurks within our souls. We know that we think things that are sometimes unholy. We know that we contemplate ideas that are occasionally against the will of God. We known that we still commit sins and that we struggle against them.  So, how do we deal with the evil that is in our own hearts?

The good that we overcome our own sins with is first of all based upon the greatest goodness of all:  the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross by which we are forgiven of our sins.  Second, the this forgiveness means that we can have the Holy Spirit living in us.  Third, by the power of the Spirit in us we are able to overcome evil with good.  Primarily, this means hearing and reciting and living the word of God.  Remember, even Jesus rebuked Satan by quoting scripture.  Therefore, with the Spirit in us, we should be able to have victory in any and every area of our lives.  This doesn't mean it will always be easy, but it does mean that it is possible.

Victory is simple when our eyes are on Christ. It is to him we must look and with the indwelling Holy Spirit and the word of God, we can overcome evil with good.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.