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Devotion Heb. 13:15, "Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name."

Praising God is one of the most important things we can do as a Christian. When we take time out of our day to look to the Lord and praise Him, we are expressing our devotion, admiration, respect, and love for Him. To praise God means to extol Him, to speak of His greatness and His worth. Though God does not need our praise, it is the right thing for the redeemed to do because it properly elevates Him and puts us in a humble relationship to His magnificent glory.  In our praises, we are acknowledging our dependence upon Him as well as recognizing His greatness. Our praises help magnify the distinction between God and ourselves and this is something we need to proclaim as well as experience. 

We need to proclaim God's greatness because it is the proper act of worship that we as Christians need to practice.  We need to proclaim the Majesty of His greatness that all people need to hear.  It is simply the right thing to do.  But not only that, in the quietness of our own devotions we need to praise God because it is a blessing to Him and it is healing to us. Praising God's greatness helps us to experience the condition of humility that we so desperately need.  After all, pride is a sickness of the heart.  If our humility before God is increased, then we will be more apt to depend on Him, to trust Him in life, needs, sickness, and health, etc., and less apt to trust ourselves.  Though He has given us the ability to accomplish much, we must do so to the praise and glory of God, not for our self exaltation.  All of this comes from the act of praise by which God's greatness is described and proclaimed and we are brought into proper relationship with the Almighty.
Ryan Turner

It is great to finally be in the CARM office in Idaho! I arrived two weeks ago after two days of driving over 1,100 miles. The two weeks here at CARM have been quite busy since I have had to help answer emails, start to learn CSS and HTML, and help integrate our volunteer base. I also am currently doing research on various Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. My hope is to produce a section on Eastern religions on CARM in the next upcoming months.

My passion is to help equip missionaries with material to better spread the gospel in the "uttermost parts of the earth." However, I am personally convicted of the failure of most Christians to share their faith. With the vast majority of the world facing an eternal hell, it is time that we wake up and train the church to spread the Truth. I truly desire for CARM to produce a basic apologetics and evangelism training series to enable Christians to know their faith and share it. 

Interestingly, last week I had the pleasure of going to Manti, Utah to witness to numerous Mormons. Most of the Mormons I spoke with could not give a basic defense of their faith. After I gently shared the gospel with one Mormon, he told me that he was shaking. He said, “I feel sick after talking to you.” I kindly responded, “Could it be that God is convicting you?” He later told me that in two months he was going on his two year mission for the Mormon Church. My prayer is that this guy will truly know the true gospel which is by faith alone in Christ. It is truly an honor to be able to share the truth of the gospel with Mormons!

Manti Mormon Pageant On the 20th and 21st, last week, Ryan and I drove down to Salt Lake City in Utah to stay with Bill McKeever of  Bill, with several of his friends, along with Ryan and I, attended the Manti pageant. It is an event were Mormons gather to watch a pageant put on by the Mormon church. Basically, it is a public play where actors recount the means by which the "gospel was restored." I watched it and it is a blatant misrepresentation of the state of the Christian church in the early 1800s. The play represents Christianity as a mass of churches that do nothing but contradict each other while each one claims to be the only true church. This, of course, is not how it was but this is how the Mormons represent Christianity. It is a straw man, a false representation of the facts.

Because it is an annual event, a lot of Christians go there to witness. So picture this. 10,000 to 15,000 people milling around in a half mile by half-mile area were Mormons and Christians are interacting, arguing, debating, talking, listening, etc.  It is really a lot of fun.  

Both Ryan and I spoke with several Mormons over the two nights that we were there. We got to share the Gospel many times. One of the Christians at Manti named Aaron, who works with Bill McKeever, was standing on a small pedestal and preaching the gospel. A small crowd gathered around him to listen. As he would gather the crowd, a lot of Christians would gather as well and listen to the comments made by the Mormons. Then, they would start conversations with the individual Mormons and try to witness to them and present them the truth. As you can imagine, a lot of the conversations were heated but most of them were quite polite.

At one point while Aaron was preaching a young teenager approached Aaron and threw a cup of water on him. Aaron reacted in the most gracious manner possible. He called the young man back and gave him five dollars. The young man accepted it and then Aaron used the altercation as an illustration to talk about Grace, getting what you do not deserve. It was great!

Here's something that was quite interesting. There were bathrooms on private property attached to the street in Manti where people were milling around. Since it was a public event, the bathrooms were open to everyone. However, at one point the Mormons with the help of security and the police said that the Christians could not use the bathrooms. You might ask how they could tell the difference. Apparently the Mormons in security had been watching the Christians who kept starting conversations in the street near the bathrooms. As the night wore on and some of the Christians tried to use the facilities, the security and police turned them away. So, we call this bladdergate. Anyway, the Mormons did not come off looking too good and on Saturday night there was no such restriction.

Anyway, Ryan and I were very happy to go and we plan on going again next year. If you're interested in attending, please contact me at

Head in
the Sand
What the Heck?

This feature is not so we can make fun of anyone.  This is serious stuff.  It is to show what kind of thinking is out there.  We regularly get stuff like this.  Pray for this ministry.

Dear Sir, Greetings! It is no longer quiet anymore.  Even though I cannot "prove" it.  I know that [name removed] and his daughter [name removed] did not make it into Heaven.  There is a "Astral Plane Portal" in which allows all former living Occultists to come back into the Astral Plane. I see it as an Astral Plane file cabinet, similar to the late Edgar Cayce's Akashic Records. It all had started with a former Living Occultist, white-skin, female, and blonde. Way back in late 2000.  I was shown that a former astral plane female was dead.   I have named her "slender-blonde".  No matter how hard I try to stay "betawave" in my spiritually-marred condition, the dead find a way to harass me.   [website removed]  <--this website gives the information about the deceased loved ones being allowed to visit!   This is how I know for sure.  thank you for your time.

Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • The information on your site about shepard chapel is the most rediculous bunch of bull I have ever read. You should be ashamed of yourself. Their isn't many good teachers in this world today and their are so many people lost . After 30 years of life he is the only pastor that could answer all of my questions about the bible. And I have listened to many different religions. He is a 5 star teacher that's not trying to get into your pocketbook. Only trying to teach the true word of God. Which is more than I could say for most.
    • "Is the Trinity Doctrine Biblical?"   Not a chance, it's still missing from all sacred scripture!  Shall I throw in the Tooth-Fairy for extra good measure?
  • Love Mail
    • Mr. Slick, I just wanted to tell you that I just finished reading about your conversion and your testimony. I just wanted to thank you for having the courage to post it on your website. May God continue to bless you and your family, as well as this wonderful website of yours. I look at it daily. Sincerely, Dave
    • I just wanted to tell you that your hard work has *not* got unnoticed or unappreciated. I listen to your podcasts everyday they are released (from Australia), and I can't tell you how much encouragement, instruction and happiness they have provided me with over the last 2 years. If possible, please keep the show going - they really help me to consider Jesus and grow in my knowledge of him. Like Luther's wife said on her deathbed, "I will stick to Christ like a burr to cloth". God has provided you to help people stick to Christ - it certainly helps me to. Warm Regards, Rohan P.S. I will pray for you and Ryan - I hope you work well together!
    • I've been using your resources to help teach a Sunday School class.  Thanks for the great information and excellent Biblical perspective. Thanks, Ben
    • Dear Matt:  I believe you are going in the right direction with CARM.  You are teaching the Bible and revealing the truth about JW's and the LDS' theology.  You are helping Christians who want to understand theology and to defend the faith better.  I also love to read the emails you print in your newsletter.  What a contrast between darkness and light, between those who believe they know the truth, and those who do know the truth.    Debating someone is hearing, or listening.  I retain little from what I hear, as well as most people.  I must read, study and memorize to be able to be effective in defending the faith, and helping to reach and lead people to accept Christ Jesus as Lord and savior.  I hope you will continue to write your great articles and lessons in theology.  I can always come to your WEB to research a question I have and find a great answer, one I can depend on as being accurate and true.  Listening for the Sound of those Trumpets, Rudy
Matt Slick
CARM President

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