CARM Newsletter 10-27-06

Welcome to the Oct. 27, 2006 Newsletter

From the President, Matt Slick

Slow week
There's not much to say today.  It has been, more or less, a rather calm week.  However, I had a good discussion on the radio with a Catholic apologist by the name of Mark Bonocore.  If you're interested in hearing the dialog, you can listen to the podcast at

I would like to ask for some input.  One of the things I have been thinking about doing is a video series on basic Christian theology.  It would be possibly four, or five, or six one half-hour segments where I systematically teach the basics of the Christian faith, handouts could be possible as well.  It would not be highfalutin Seminary-speak, but a down-to-earth and practical demonstration of what is and is not the Christian faith.  It would be non-denominational in flavor.  Different views on debatable issues would be presented as accurately as possible so that the listener(s) might be made aware of what is taught in the Christian church regarding from different perspectives.

If this is something that you might be interested in for yourself, a Bible study, or for your church, could you please let me know at    I would appreciate the feedback.  Thank you.


  • Hate mail:

    • I have recently read through many of the pages on your web site and have found them extremely offensive. It is people like you who give Christianity a bad name. I am a Wiccan who converted from Christianity. I think that Christianity is one of the most vile cults that currently plagues this world. You all are extremely judgmental and none of you know what you are talking about. Your Bible is just a badly written story. How can you claim it's accuracy when it has been passed from pope to pope who has taken out or added whatever they like? You scare people into being Christians by using the concept of hell. Do you really think that anyone would be a Christian without you scare tactics? Wiccans follow a strict code of ethics, unlike what you site says we do not mold our religion to fit our comforts. We know we are praying to the true Deity because we have faith the same way you do and if you try to say that our faith means nothing then you are just contradicting your own beliefs. Our magick is granted through the will of the Goddess, not from demons as you would like to believe. You are threatened by anything that you cannot grasp and believe me you will never grasp Wicca. The only magick we work are spells to heal and help people and nature. What has a Wiccan ever done that has been harmful? Have we slaughtered countless people in the name of our religion like Christians have? I just find it so amusing that someone whose religion is based on fear, hatred, and judgment would try to say that such a peaceful goodly religion like wicca is evil. I am really sorry that you are so stupid and brainwashed. I look forward to the day you die and find that you have been so very very wrong. Do not reply to this if you only have the same issues addressed as your website does, because they are all inaccurate and I know the un-tainted truth.
    • Get a life you hateful losers.
  • Love mail
    • Hey Matt, thanks for the great website, it was introduced to me years ago and I bought the 5 volume set as soon as it was offered.  I still recommend your site to anyone who is interested.  It's the most user friendly, informative, understandable and interesting websites I've seen on this topic.  Great job and thanks for serving the Lord with deligence and excellence.  It's a blessing.
    • Matt, I absolutely love your show! I listen to the podcast every night because I don't get to listen to the show live, due to work schedules.  God bless you Matt, your use of logic and truth is a breath of fresh air in the Christian community.  I pray that your ministry will be expanded, God bless!
    • I really enjoy the information that CARM provides.  It's awesome material.   Thank you so much!!!!
    • I am enjoying your site very much; it is excellent.

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.