Rod Rust


Rod states that he is an "average guy with an above-average family." His wife of 23 years is Elizabeth; his sons are Breck (20) and Jon (18). Rod became a believing Christian on November 1, 1984 after many years of searching. He says that the Holy Spirit had been guiding him to faith through various friends and the many Billy Graham Crusades he watched on TV as he was growing up. His mother also played a large part in his turning to Jesus.

Early in Rod’s 26 years of faith he began to study and memorize the Bible. This led to a love of research and Christian doctrine. As Rod was growing in his faith and understanding of God’s Word, he was approached by a number of cults and others who taught strange doctrines. In studying to know the truth he developed a deep appreciation for Christian apologetics which continues to grow.

Rod earned a BA in Bible/theology from Southeastern University and continues to educate himself through various continuing education programs. Rod feels blessed to be a part of the CARM community with the opportunity to help those who are searching for the truth.




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.