Theology Course Sample Pages

by Matt Slick

This course presents the basics of the Christian faith covering The Bible, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Man, The Fall, The Law, Salvation, The Church, and End Times.  It is arranged in a very easy-to-use format in a manual that a person can go through on his/her own or with a group.  There is a Teacher's version (has all the answers) and a Student's version (contains fill-in blanks).  The PDF of the manual is downloadable and in color as is the PowerPoint version.

The video set consists of Matt Slick teaching the course using the manual and the PowerPoint slides.

Note:  The manuals are not in color because the cost to produce color is prohibitive, so they are in black and white.  The PDF and PowerPoint versions are in color and can be printed. If, however, you or your church has a color printer you can use the PDF to print out color copies, or you can order them from us.

The sample pages below show the layout of the menus and the Table of Contents shows topics covered.  The manual is easy on the eyes and uses a large font.  Manuals are spiral bound with a clear mylar front and back cover so the pages don't rip--and it looks great. Also, the pages are single sided so the students can have room to take notes. 

The PowerPoint presentation has all the materials of the manual, so it is easy to teach.



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About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.