TJ's Story

by Matt Slick

Thank you for your support of CARM. The full effect of your generosity can’t be known on this side of Heaven. Nearly every day we receive letters from those who are led to tell us how CARM has influenced their lives. For us, these are glimpses of Heaven and confirmation of how your generosity is making a difference for eternity.

When TJ, a CARM supporter like you, and an active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force, told us his story, it was more evidence of how much your support matters.

TJ told us although he was raised in a Lutheran home, he never embraced the church. As an adult, TJ was, in his words, a “bad person.” He had no real sense of morals, right and wrong, let alone God. He dabbled in various New Age concepts, was encouraged to investigate Deepak Chopra and others. Deep down TJ new this “do whatever feels good to you” approach to life was wrong.

One day, at the height of the Syrian conflict this past summer, TJ was suddenly overcome with a deep sense of fear. He felt alone and began looking for answers and for help. Those he sought help from thought he’d find answers and relief in “religion.”  Ultimately, TJ’s wife, Sarah, a born-again Christian, led him to Psalm 91:1-16. TJ humbled himself and cried out to God. In an overwhelming, tear-filled instant he was changed. Suddenly, he saw the new path God had for him, to follow Him and His commands. Now, instead of Christ dividing them and being a source of conflict in their marriage, He was a source of unity.

TJ credits CARM for the growth in his Christian walk.
Through a series of Holy Spirit-led events, TJ “found” CARM.

TJ said, “I was truly born-again in that instant. But so new in the faith I was like a bird who did not know how to fly yet. CARM changed all that. It has fortified me with God’s truths on so many topics. I believe most people, even Christians, have no idea how they are being influenced by un-godly teaching, much of it cloaked in so-called ‘Christianity.’ The resources CARM offers are seemingly endless; every conceivable topic is covered in depth. It’s especially helpful while I am deployed; everything is so easy to access anytime I need to online. Even though I have only scratched the surface of what’s available at CARM, what I have already learned has strengthened my faith and empowered me to be a bold witness for Christ. Now I am witnessing to unsaved people and handing out tracts – something I never saw myself doing not long ago.”

Would you pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in considering a financial gift to CARM?

God works through His people – people like you. And CARM depends completely on the support of people like you for everything we do. We’ll all see the full, eternal fruit of your giving someday. But stories like TJ's give us a glimpse right now of how much your giving truly matters. So, would you take a moment right now to pray and ask God to lead you in making a gift to CARM?

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