Toronto police stop Christian preacher at Gay Pride parade

by Matt Slick

On July 6, 2012 a Christian preacher was doing open-air work on the sidewalk of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. The police were present and they did nothing as the Christian was verbally assaulted. As the pro-homosexual crowd grew more belligerent, the police then asked the Christian to leave because it was he wase causing a disturbance.  Really?  So he was speaking calmly, rationally, and it was the pro-homosexuals who were foul, insulting, and intolerant, yet it was the Christian who was causing the problem.  Yeah...right.

If you watch the video, you'll see where the problem was.  It was the pro-homosexuals who were foul, intolerant, and demonstrated extreme hatred for the Christian faith. The preacher rightfully pointed out that they were expressing hatred for his point of view and that they were not being tolerant. Their hypocrisy was evident because it was they who were spreading intolerance and hate speech. Of course such bigotry and hate speech is okay when homosexuals do it, but when the Christian says that homosexuality is a sin, then he's guilty of bigotry and hatred.

One screaming woman said she loved everyone and then said to the preacher, "F**** you!"  More hypocrisy. The Preacher said...

  • "She doesn't love intolerance but she's being intolerant of my religion"
  • "This is discrimination according to the law."
  • "You have a lot of anger in you."
  • "That is a lot of hatred. That is a lot of anger."

He was right.  At one point he said, "If anybody wants to have a respectful conversation one by one: have the mic and we go back and forth one by one."  A woman then responded and said, "I am a pagan. I belong to the Wiccan religion. Christianity unfortunately, you may be saying it's all about love and what have you but they burned people for not agreeing with them. That is all I'm saying.  Please don't come up to a street corner and preach love when you're talking about a religion that established itself through hatred and murder."

All I can say is that is one huge misrepresentation of the Christian faith. Obviously, this Wiccan does not know what she's talking about. But we don't expect those who criticize Christianity to accurately represent it. 

Eventually, the preacher was approached by it a police officer who then said that he, the preacher, was causing a disturbance. However, it was the homosexual activists who were causing the disturbance by yelling, screaming, and using foul language. The preacher, much to his credit, was extremely polite and was not the cause of the problems that we being fomented by the pro-homosexuals.  So, we can clearly see that tolerance is only for the intolerant, for the liberals, and the pro-homosexuals.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.