Were Adam and Eve mortal before they sinned?

by Matt Slick

Yes, Adam and Eve were mortal before they sinned. They were mortal in that they physically could have died even though they had not yet sinned. Mortality was a possibility but not a necessity in their case. If, for example, Adam had fallen out of one of the trees and had injured himself sufficiently, he would've died. His body was not indestructible. He had lungs, a heart, kidneys, liver, etc. The same would, of course, apply to Eve. She also had a physical body with functioning organs, and if she had sustained an injury of sufficient severity, she also would have died.

On the other hand, barring any unforeseen accident, neither Adam nor Eve would have died because the effects of sin were not yet a reality and death had no place. Sin causes a separation between God and ourselves in the spiritual sense (Isaiah 59:2), and it causes separation between the spirit and the body in the physical sense (Romans 6:23).

So it would appear that before Adam and Eve sinned they were immortal in that given normal circumstances, they would have lived forever. But, at the same time, their bodies were capable of dying physically if there were an accident of sufficient severity.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.