Work for CARM

In order to work with CARM, you must affirm the CARM Statement of Faith - no exceptions.

  1. Email Responders
    1. You do not need to be theologically trained but do have to know their theology well. You would be interviewed and tested. You would be able to answer e-mails related to your area of expertise and knowledge.
    2. Email Responders work under Ryan Turner, please email
  2. Radio show/Advertising.
    1. We are wanting to expand the radio show into other markets.
    2. This would involve contacting other radio stations in order to get CARM broadcast from there and possibly find people for interviews.
    3. Expanding the radio show would require additional money from CARM.
    4. Therefore, we would need to obtain advertisers and/or raise support for the show.
    5. Since a person is worthy of his hire, we would expect that a percentage of anything raised for the development of the radio show would be given to the person who fills this position.
    6. This person would be working under Matt Slick.
  3. Foreign Languages
    1. We want to develop international headquarters in different countries.  Therefore, we are looking for people who are willing to take on converting CARM into their native language and work towards being supported full-time in that ministry.  This would require dedicated Christians. email
    2. Strategy
      1. CARM can be copied to a different web address relative to the language group including all articles, structure, and look.
      2. The site's articles are "unpublished."
      3. The person then translates the articles one by one and publishes each one.
      4. The online schools would need to be translated and modified to fit the needs of that country . . . not hard to do.
      5. Support would be raised the same as CARM is supported now, through the online schools (translated into that language) and donations.
    3. It would probably take about a year or two for the person to be able to go full time in that country after the schools are translated and donations begin to come in.
    4. The person could work a regular job while doing this.
    5. The person would have to be trained in the Drupal technology (not hard to do), do translations, set up bank accounts, implement and maintain the site.
    6. We could communicate through Skype.
    7. CARM in the U.S.A would maintain ownership of the web address and material, but it would be run by that person in that country. Currently, Ryan Turner may be contacted.
  4. PowerPoint
    1. We are looking for people to convert various CARM articles into PowerPoint Presentations, please email
  5. Proofreaders
    1. With the new format, we can now give some of the proofreaders the ability to edit the site live. Are you great at grammar and punctuation and want to help?  Let us know. Please contact


If you are interested, please pray first and then contact us via email to Please include what you are interested in doing, a brief bio about yourself, and contact information.




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.