The Holy Spirit

by Matt Slick

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity. He is fully God. He is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, has a will, and can speak. He is alive. He is a person. He is not particularly visible in the Bible because His ministry is to bear witness of Jesus (John 15:26).

Some cults like the Jehovah's Witnesses say that the Holy Spirit is nothing more than a force (Reasoning from the Scriptures, 1985, pp. 406-407). This is false. If the Holy Spirit were merely a force, then He could not speak (Acts 13:2), He could not be grieved (Eph. 4:30), and He would not have a will (1 Cor. 12:11).

The truth is that the Holy Spirit is a person the same as the Father and the Son are within the Trinity.

His NamesHis AttributesSymbols ofSins AgainstPower in
Christ's Life
Acts 5:3-4
Heb. 9:14
Matt. 3:16
Matt. 12:31
Conceived of
Matt. 1:18, 20
2 Cor. 3:18
Luke 1:35
Acts 2:1-4
Resist (Unbelief)
Acts 7:51
Matt. 3:16
1 Cor. 2:10
Psalm 139:7-10
Acts 2:3
Heb. 10:29
Led by
Luke 4:1
Spirit of God
1 Cor. 3:16
1 Cor. 12:11
*****Lied to
Acts 5:3
Filled with Power
Luke 4:14, 18
Spirit of Truth
John 15:26
Rom. 15:30
Eph. 4:30
Witness of Jesus
John 15:26
Eternal Spirit
Heb. 9:14
Acts 8:29, 13:2
1 Thess. 5:19
Raised Jesus
Rom. 8:11


The Works of the Holy Spirit
Access to God, Eph. 2:18Inspires prayer, Eph. 6:18, Jude 20
Anoints for Service, Luke 4:18Intercedes, Rom. 8:26
Assures, Rom. 8:15-16, Gal. 4:6Interprets Scripture, 1 Cor. 2:1, 14, Eph. 1:17
Authors Scripture, 2 Pet. 1:20-21Leads, Rom. 8:14
Baptizes, John 1:23-34, 1 Cor. 12:13-14Liberates, Rom. 8:2
Believers Born of, John 3:3-6Molds Character, Gal. 5:22-23
Calls and Commissions, Acts 13:2-4, 20:28Produces fruit, Gal. 5:22-23
Cleanses, 1 Thess. 3:13, 1 Pet. 1:2Empowers Believers, Luke 24:49
Convicts of sin, John 16:9, 14Raises from the dead, Rom. 8:11
Creates, Gen. 1:2, Job 33:4Regenerates, Titus 3:5
Empowers, 1 Thess. 1:5Sanctifies, Rom. 15:16
Fills, Acts 2:4, 4:29-31, Eph. 5:18-20Seals, Eph. 1:13-14, 4:30
Gives gifts, I Cor. 12:8-11Strengthens, Eph. 3:16, Acts 1:8, 2:4, I Cor. 2:4
Glorifies Christ, John 16:14Teaches, John 14:26
Guides in truth, John 16:13Testifies of Jesus, John 15:26
Helps our weakness, Rom. 8:26Victory over flesh, Rom. 8:2-4, Gal. 4:6
Indwells believers, Rom. 8:9-14, Gal. 4:6Worship helper, Phil. 3:3



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