Chronology of Mormonism

 by Matt Slick

1800 Hyrum Smith (Joseph Smith's brother) is born.
1805, Dec. 23 Joseph Smith, Jr. is born in Sharon, Vermont.
1806, Oct. 3 Oliver Cowdery is born.
1820 Joseph Smith says God the Father and Jesus appear to him and say all churches are wrong.
1823, Sept. 21 Angel Moroni appears to Joseph Smith telling him the location of the golden plates.
1827 Joseph Smith receives the golden plates that were buried in the Hill Cumorah.
1829 John the Baptist gives the Aaronic Priesthood to Smith and Oliver Cowdery.
1830 Book of Mormon is first published.
1830, April. 6 The Mormon Church is first organized and called "The Church of Christ."
1831 The Mormon Church moves to Kirtland, Ohio.
1833 The Book of Commandments is published.
1834 Church name is changed to "The Church of Latter Day Saints."
1838 Joseph Smith leaves Kirtland and goes to Far West, Missouri.
1838 Church name is changed to "The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints."
1838 About 19 Mormon men, women, and children are attacked and killed at Haun's Mill, Missouri.
1839 Settlement at Nauvoo, Illinois.
1841, April 6 Foundation laid for the Temple at Nauvoo.
1843 Kinderhook plates are found.
1843 The revelation that permits polygamy is received by Joseph Smith.
1844, June 10 Joseph Smith and others destroy the printing press of the Nauvoo Expositor.
1844, June 25 Joseph Smith is arrested and held in Carthage Jail, Carthage, Il.
1844, June 27 A mob breaks into the jail and kills Joseph and his brother Hyrum.
1846 Mormons leave Nauvoo led by Brigham Young.
1849, March State of Desert is founded in Salt Lake City.
1850 Utah Territory organized.
1851 First edition of the Pearl of Great Price is published.
1857, Sept. 11 Mountain Meadows Massacre where more than 120 men, women, and children were killed by Mormons and Indians.
1862 Polygamy is outlawed in the U.S.
1876 First proclamation of polygamy is published in D & C 132.
1877, Aug. 29 Brigham Young dies.
1880 Pearl of Great Price becomes Scripture.
1890 President Wilford Woodruff asks Mormons to stop practicing polygamy.
1918, Nov. 19 Joseph Fielding Smith, eldest son of Joseph Smith, dies.
1967 The Original papyri Smith used to translate the Book of Abraham are rediscovered -- it was found to be the Book of Breathings, a funeral text.
1978 Blacks are allowed to hold the priesthood.




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