Luke Wayne

Luke Wayne has been a writer and researcher for CARM since January of 2016. He is an elder at the Mission Church in South Jordan, UT and holds a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Midwestern Baptist College and a Masters in Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Luke has engaged in ministry to Jehovah's Witnesses for over fifteen years and has equipped churches and individuals to do the same through teaching classes and conferences, participating in role plays, leading training seminars, and personally mentoring individuals in this work. He has been a missionary in Utah since 2013 and has also engaged in outreach to Mormons and their offshoot groups in Navou, IL and Independence, MO. He has served with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and has been involved in church planting work in both Kansas and Utah.

In the rare moments Luke is not writing for CARM, serving with his church, or spending time with his beautiful wife and children at home, he can usually be found fishing, hiking, hunting, or just sitting by a river or waterfall in some obscure corner of the Utah wilderness.

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